Meeting Minutes

Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande
Board of Directors


Large Conference Rm Uvalde Workforce Center
February 12, 2015 Thursday, 1:00 p.m.


Ms. Maria Martinez, Chair, Private Sector, Del Rio
Mr. Juan Martinez, Vice Chair, Private Sector, Uvalde
Mr. Skip Baker, Treasurer, Private Sector, Del Rio
Ms. Lytia Gonzalez, Parliamentarian, Private Sector, Eagle Pass


Mr. Pablo Aguillon, CBO, Crystal City
Ms. Romelia Aranda, Adult Basic/Cont. Ed, Uvalde
Mr. Billy Joe Brice, Private Sector, Leakey
Dr. Terry Carson, Education, Uvalde
Mr. Ernest Flores, Private Sector, Carrizo Springs
Mr. Michael Garcia, Private Sector, Encinal
Ms. Monica Gonzalez, Rehabilitation Agency, Del Rio
Ms. Rachel Hanson, Private Sector, Uvalde
Mr. Michael Healy, Private Sector, Crystal City
Ms. Mary Hernandez, Education, Uvalde
Mr. Carl Hyde, Agriculture, Rocksprings
Ms. Pattie Kruciak, Private Sector, Uvalde
Ms. Donna Langford, Private Sector, Del Rio
Mr. Frank Larson, Private Sector, Del Rio
Mr. David Ojeda, CBO, Carrizo Springs
Mr. Efren Peña, Private Sector, Eagle Pass
Mr. Raul Perez, Economic Development, Eagle Pass
Mr. Timothy Wauson, TWC, Eagle Pass


Ms. Laura Lopez, Secretary, Private Sector, Crystal City


Mr. Richard Diaz, CBO, Crystal City
Mr. Manuel Estrada, CBO, Carrizo Springs
Mr. Saul Fernandez, Private Sector, Eagle Pass
Mr. Jose Garcia, Organized Labor, Asherton
Mr. Jose “Chore” Garcia, CBO, Cotulla
Mr. Rogelio Gonzalez, Education, Del Rio
Mr. Johnny Guzman, Literacy, Eagle Pass
WFSMRG Minutes
February 12, 2015
Page 2

Mr. Michael Grooms, Private Sector, Rocksprings
Mr. Arturo Mancha, Private Sector, Eagle Pass
Ms. Rosa Perales, HHSC, Del Rio



I. Call To Order:

The Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande Board of Directors met for their regular scheduled meeting on Thursday, February 12, 2015 in the large Conference Room at the Uvalde Workforce Center. The meeting was called to order by Chair, Ms. Maria Martinez at approximately 1:00 p.m.

II. Invocation:

The invocation was provided by Mr. Ricky McNiel, Executive Director, before the meeting.

III. Roll Call:

Ms. Tolie Quesada called roll and the twenty two (22) Board members listed above were determined to be present. Having established a quorum, the follow business was transacted.

IV. Introduction of Guest(s)

Ms. Maria Martinez introduced and welcomed the guest present, Ms. Roxana D. Newton, Manger, Office of Employer Initiatives

V. Public Comments (3 minutes per comment)

Ms. Maria Martinez stated that there were no public comments.

VI. Approval of December 11, 2014 minutes

Ms. Maria Martinez allowed the Board members some time to review the minutes before entertaining a motion for approval. Mr. Skip Baker made a motion to approve the minutes as presented……motion was seconded by Ms. Monica Gonzales…….motion passed unanimously.

VII. New Business

Ms. Maria Martinez stated that at this time Ms. Rachel Gonzales was going to say a few words regarding County day in Austin, Texas. Ms. Gonzales encouraged each Board members to attend to educate an advocate and let their voices be heard as to what is important in each of their community.

WFSMRG Minutes
February 12, 2015
Page 3

At this time Ms. Roxana Newton from Texas Workforce Commission made a presentation on Skills Development Funds. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Skills for Small Business program responds to the needs of Texas’ small businesses that have fewer than 100 employees. Companies can complete application on line. Training through Skills for Small Business increases business competitiveness, upgrades the skills of current employees and prepares newly hired employees for job requirements. The business(s) and college collaborate to develop a training program customized to the specific skills identified, then submit a grant proposal. The funding is all tide to the individuals and any course that is relevant to the employee qualifies for a submission of the grant. The funding goes to the college. TWC has dedicated two million dollars to this program. The Workforce Boards and the colleges are not aware at times which businesses apply for the Skills Development Funds.

A. Executive Committee……..………..……………………………….……Ms. Maria Martinez
Information Item(s):
1. Recognition of WFSMRG Board of Director New Appointment(s) and/or Reappointment(s)

Ms. Donna Langford, Private Sector from Val Verde County was introduced and welcomed by Ms. Maria Martinez.

2. Workforce Solutions MRG Board recertified

The Board members were informed by Mr. Ricky McNiel that the Board had been recertified this year for its monitoring functions.

Action Item(s):
1. Acceptance of Board members resignation(s)/declaration of vacancy(s)

There were no resignation(s) or declaration of vacancy(s) at this time.

B. Planning Committee…………………………………………..……………….Mr. Skip Baker
Information Item(s)
1. Workforce Solutions MRG Board’s Performance Analysis & Reporting
2. Overall 28 Boards Performance Measures

Mr. Ronnie Rivera reported that they were meeting all performances. The Operator was removed from the last TAP which was for Child Care. He went on to say that staff had worked very hard to bring performances up to par and they should be complemented for their hard work. He also stated that they would continue to monitor all of the performance measures and continue to implement the internal controls in order to continue to meet and or exceed the performance measures.

3.Middle Rio Region Labor force statistics

The region labor force statistics were included in the meeting packet for the Boards review. Mr. Ronnie Rivera stated that he would be mailing this report out to every board members each month.

WFSMRG Minutes
February 12, 2015
Page 4

4. Layoffs around the Middle Rio Grande region

Mr. Ronnie Rivera stated that we would be monitoring the layoffs very closely within the next quarter, three to four months. Job seekers were starting to come in to the centers for assistance. The maximum benefits under the UI benefits is four hundred sixty five a week. Mr. Michael Garcia from Lewis Energy gave his inside on the layoffs from the side of one of the biggest company in the Eagle Ford Shale

C. Monitoring Committee…………………………..………………………………………
Information Item(s):
1. Final Project Grow monitoring report

Mr. Ricky McNiel informed the Board that the Project Grow monitoring report was included in the board packet for their review. The Operator just had some cleaning to do on the files but there had been no disallowed cost.
2. Report on TWC monitoring exit for monitoring conducted week of January 12, 2015

Mr. Ricky McNiel reported that the Board had not received a monitoring report from TWC but the exit had been good. He went on to say that the Board would not be receiving a management letter this year because there had been a couple of minor items that needed to be corrected. The report will be brought to the Board when received.

F. Finance Committee………………………………………………………………………….
Information Item(s):
1. Summary of Fund Balances on Workforce Programs
2. Workforce Board’s Expenditure Report

Mr. Ricky McNiel reported that the summary fund balances reported show a total to close to six million. The Budget report showed that we should be at 33% expended for the year and were only at 25%. This was due to the Board being down one staff member.

G. Child Care Committee…………………………………………………..Mr. David Ojeda
Information Item(s)
1. TWC correspondence removing the Child Care TAP

TWC correspondence had been included in the board packet on the removal of the last TAP, which was for Child Care. Mr. Ronnie Rivera stated that child care staff had worked diligently to have the TAP removed.

WFSMRG Minutes
February 12, 2015
Page 5


A. Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande Board: Mr. Ricky McNiel, Executive Director

Mr. Ricky McNiel stated that the Workforce Program Administrator’s report had been included in the Board packet if anyone had any questions he would be happy to answer them.
Workforce Programs/TWIST Administrator

B. Middle Rio Grande Development Council Operator: Mr. Leodoro Martinez, Ex. Dir.

The Operator’s reports had been enclosed in the Board packet for review.

Director of Workforce System
Director of Childcare Provider Services
Quality Control Coordinator


Ms. Maria Martinez entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Billy Brice made a motion for meeting to be adjourned……… Mr. Skip Baker seconded the motion………motion passed unanimously.

Maria Martinez, Chair Date